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Perfect Twist

You have discovered our "Perfect Twist", an elegant, fun, hip band that will enhance you special event with a unique fusion of styles. Perfect Twist is an ensemble tha blends pop, swing, bossa nova, latin and more in an authentic spcial sound. Book Perfect Twist today!

Unplugged - Acoustic Band

Something new to the South Florida scene and inspired by the popular unplugged movement that is taking the internet music world by storm. When volume and space are an issue, Unplugged is perfect for even the most challenging venues. Now guests can hear the songs they love performed in a style that suits any background event. Book Unplugged - Acoustic Band today!

Swing City Big Band

Swing City Big Band will keep you twisting and swinging all night long. Specializing in standards and '30s and '40s Big Band music, they also can keep your party grooving with contemporary hits as well. For any event, Swing City Big Band can provide the perfect blend of class and excitement. Book Swing City Big Band today!

Swing City Big Band Song List

Beth and Paul - Duo

A great option if a full sized band is not in your budget, Beth and Paul have an endless repertoire that will keep you entertained all night. Performing everything from standards, cha-chas, merengues, waltzes, blues, and big band, this wonderful duo creates a great atmosphere with a crowded dance floor or cocktail hour. Book Beth and Paul - Duo today!

Davis and Dow - Duo

Davis and Dow tackle jazz and pop standards with a daring sense of abandon. Their style is deeply rooted in the classic jazz tradition but with a playfulness that keeps the music fresh and fun. Their arrangements are unique and inventive, always seeking a new approach to everything they do. Book Davis and Dow - Duo today!


The Soundworthy band is the most sought after cover band in South Florida. They have astounded and captured audiences everywhere with their expertise, professionalism, and high energy. This band has quickly risen to the top despite their various competitors. They are highly experienced and well known for bringing the dancer out in every guest! Book Soundworthy today!

Paisley Craze

Paisley Craze celebrates the music that Changed The World! All your favorite 60s music from Motown, The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Surf Music, Monkees, Crosby Still and much, much more! High energy, bright vocals, wailing guitars and a big dance thump make Paisley Craze the band that brings the party to you with a genuine 60ís vibe! Book Paisley Craze today!